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CrownSil is a consulting and R&D enterprise, capitalizing on recent advances in the understanding of the beneficial effect of nitrogen/oxygen co-doping of the as-grown silicon single crystals obtained by the Czochralski ( Cz ) or Floating-zone ( Fz ) methods.

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Our expertise: 10 years in the industrial growth of silicon single crystals ( authoring to date three patents with industrial applications in this1), as well as a cumulative 25 years of R&D experience. Some of our results have been already transferred to a number of established industrial players, and an early stage joint venture company - MATPUR S.A. , I.P.R.S. Baneasa , Fujitsu Kamikodanaka Ltd., and Sixtron Advanced Materials Inc., respectively3 . In permanent contact, via the open literature, with related R&D work in other groups2, we are in a permanent process of studying the impact of our results.